Beacon Commodities is a family run business, I have been in the Botanical trade for over 39 years. We buy direct from the farmers/collectors and bring the goods to the UK where the botanicals are processed and stored in a specifically designed spice warehouse in Essex. Our Spice Warehouse, based in Essex provides secure storage for all our botanicals with staff experienced in handling food goods. The Warehouse allows customers to call-off their botanicals at intervals to suit them, safe in the knowledge that the goods are in stock within the UK and the risk of storing them is placed in Beacon Commodities control. Here we keep stock of the main botanicals, which include the following, please see below. We are also have our own farm and grow Coriander seed down here in Sussex and have grown in the past angelica root as well.

We are BRC approved grade AA and registered with the ethical trading consultants “Sedex” and we now supply over 300 gin distilleries in the UK and export to over 44 countries around the World, from Major Gin Brands through to Craft Distillers.

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