Info, photos and videos from our April 21 virtual conference, including talks on:

Rye 101 – So You Want To Make Rye Whisky
Barrel Love: The Care and Maintenance of Barrels With Julia Nourney
Spirits Competitions: Who, What, Why, Where, and How?

And many more!

After our first virtual conference in October 20, we had some great feedback and it transpired that virtual conferences are great events in their own right. Where they lack the networking element of having everyone in the same room, they also expand the range of attendees, with people joining us from all over the world to watch our talks, panels and masterclasses. So, this was virtual conference number two, and the second in many more to come.

April 21
3rd May 2022April 21 / Blog / Equipment & Design / Materials / Past Events / ResourcesKeeping a Lid on It – Vital Considerations for Reliable for Bottling and Closures with Rosie Milsom. The Head of Global New Product Development at Atom Brands, Rosie Milsom, discusses the often forgotten issues that can arise with bottles, bottling, and closures. From head space to tamper seals and integrity of closures, all will be discussed here. [...]
23rd March 2022April 21 / Equipment & Design / Financial / Past Events / Processes / Resources / UncategorisedResearch & Development Tax Relief for Distilleries – Are you claiming? Tax Breaks Available To The Distillery World Karen McFadden, Associate Director at Catax, will be talking to you about this tax incentive – Research & Development Tax Relief (R&D) – and how it fits into the alcohol industry. Karen will tell you what it’s all about, how you can become eligible to claim for it, and why so many distilleries are missing out on this fantastic break. She will also talk through some client examples, which should help you understand if this is a topic worth exploring further. *Legal Disclaimer – The views expressed in this video are not necessarily those of the Crafdi Online Conference or Craft Distilling Expo. Individuals must seek their own legal, financial and tax advice from a qualified professional before making any decisions. The Craft Distilling Expo accepts no liability.* [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Materials / Past Events / Processes / ResourcesOverview of Rum and Rhum Production with Lallemand This presentation reviews the production of Rhum Agricole (made from fresh Cane juice) and Rum (made from molasses). Robert will discuss the impact yeast strains have on fermentation, how distillation can influence aromatic profiles and finally will review aging and the effects of casks. [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Materials / Past Events / Processes / ResourcesA New Way to Sour Mash Intentional Inoculation of Lactobacillus in Grain-based Fermentations Abstract: Yeast fermentation is the driving force behind alcohol creation and the production of spirits in our distilleries. They form the ethanol, as well as the complex flavors and aromas we have come to love. However, bacteria have always played a large role in this process as well, intentionally and unintentionally, historically and in modern distilleries. We have been investigating the idea of intentional bacterial inoculations, alongside standard yeast pitches, to create new and exciting flavor profiles and fermentations. These yeast-bacterial co-fermentations have shown a lot of promise as a new, highly controllable/reproducible method for sour mashing at the craft scale. In this webinar, we will investigate the effects this has on the fermentation, as well as the resulting spirits’ profile and maybe some new and unique ways we can play with this new tool. [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Events / Past Events / ResourcesOne from last years April Online Event, but always helpful to understand the power of a social media event. Sarah Miller (Gin a Ding Ding) founder of #ginadaymay joins David T Smith to discuss the concept, innovation and grown of #ginadaymay and how distillers and the public can get involved. [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Equipment & Design / Past Events / ResourcesA real cork(er) and other closures – an introduction to Rankin Brothers. Join Jim Rankin for a talk about the company that has been providing bottle closures for nearly 250 years. Jim will also be taking a closer look at issues and solutions around cork taint. [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Events / Past Events / ResourcesCustodian of World Gin Day, Emma Stokes (GinMonkey), will share some of the exciting things that are going on for World Gin Day 2021 (12th June 2021) and how gin brands can participate and use this rather festive day to engage with consumers. Now in its second decade, World Gin Day has gone from strength to strength and even with recent challenges it continues to be a great force for all things juniper. [...]
14th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Past Events / Resources / SustainabilitySustainability in distilling is of increasing importance and it goes beyond solar panels and wind turbines; for many brands, the packaging of their spirits accounts for around 30% of their total carbon emissions. Our team of experts will discuss eco-packaging in detail in this feature-length panel, including topics such as the use of sustainable material, managing the energy expelled in production, transport, packaging reuse and recyclability. Panel includes: Rosie Milsom – Atom Labs / Atom Brands Joel Harrison – Caskstrength Creative Max Chater – Victory Distillery Jim Rankin – Rankin Brothers ~Nolan Kane – Allied Glass 00:10 Introductions 02:01 Sustainability does anyone care? 04:10 Why is it important? What does it mean? 08:50 Natural Cork 11:50 Sustainability as a Core Value 17:28 Aluminum Cans 20:40 Recycling 25:00 Return and Refill 27:50 Glass Bottles 33:10 Tolerance of defects – being less wasteful 38:02 Local sourcing 39:25 Demand for sustainability push or pull? 41:00 End of life for packaging / recycle / reuse 55:40 Can packaging ultra-luxury spirits be sustainable? 1:08:40 Closing Remarks [...]
11th March 2022April 21 / Blog / Materials / Past Events / ResourcesWhere do you start with enzymes? It’s an important question that makes a huge difference to you final product. Learn everything you need to know with this video from our April 21 Online Conference, ‘Enzymes As Processing Aids In Distilleries with Dr. Prashant M Bapat’. [...]
8th March 2022April 21 / Materials / Past Events / ResourcesOver a dozen ethanol types are used in beverages in the UK. In this talk Bert Albrecht of Ethimex and our Joe Barber will explore the different types of GNS, their main characteristics and their uses. We’ll also give some insight in global Ethanol sourcing, where it is produced and how it is put to use. Ethanol-water is a particular mix and we will explain how this affects the distillation process and how ethanol behaves when diluted. We’ll also analyse a typical Technical Spec Sheet and explain the different quality levels of ethanol and why this is important to a distiller. Finally we’ll also have a look at what to do with Ethanol waste and how it could reduce your carbon foot print. This Live Q&A was recorded on 16th October 2020. [...]
6th March 2022April 21 / Equipment & Design / Past Events / ResourcesJoin Scott Allen and David T Smith in this introduction to Allen Associates and a discussion on some of the key considerations when designing a distillery. Scott Allen has a wealth of knowledge in everything you need to think about when designing your distillery, from the obvious to the not so obvious! This is a must watch for anyone considering setting up a distillery. And, if you already have, it’s still a good watch. There might be something you’ve overlooked! [...]
24th February 2022April 21 / Blog / Events / Past Events / ResourcesSpirits competitions can have a major impact on a distillery or brand’s public awareness, but what should you, as a distiller, expect from a competition? How can they help you? What are judges looking for in a spirit and why do certain spirits consistently do well? How does judging typically work? Who are the judges? Our panel of seasoned judging professionals were on hand to answer questions. Jon Hillgren – Hernö Gin, a multi-award winning gin Veronika Karlova – International Spirits Judge Tobias Gorn – International Spirits Judge Bernadette Pamplin – International Spirits Judge Eric Zandona – Director of Judging at the American Distilling Institute David T Smith – International Spirits Judge Competitions American Distilling Institute Judging of Craft Spirits International Wine and Spirits Competition World Drink Awards (Paragraph Publishing) Spirits Masters (Spirits Business) San Francisco World Spirits Awards International Spirits Challenge The Gin Guide Awards [...]
22nd February 2022April 21 / Blog / Past Events / Processes / ResourcesMaster Distiller and expert whisky consultant Stephen Gould of Golden Moon Distillery in Colorado introduces the topic of producing rye whisky, including some of the key considerations before you start. This is an essential talk for anyone considering producing rye whisky or those who are just great fans. The talk will cover topics including: the raw material, basics of fermentation, malted vs. unmalted grain, grain/mash bills, and distillation. [...]
22nd February 2022April 21 / Blog / Past Events / Processes / ResourcesBarrels are crucial when it comes to the flavour, aroma, and character of a spirit and, given how important they are, it’s essential to make sure that they are maintained and cared for correctly. International Spirits Consultant Julia Nourney will discuss the proper storage and maintenance of barrels from when they first arrive to between uses and – finally – disposal. [...]

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