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For the 2024 Crafdi Craft Distilling Expo we have decided, in an effort to help you make the most of your visit, to have a more concise schedule of talks. This will largely be made up of 25 minute sessions focusing on particular subjects that are relevant to distillers today. This should allow attendees to get to the heart of pertinent issues whilst also having more time to interact with our vendors, who are an invaluable source of knowledge. Time is valuable and we are responding to that. Below is the list of talks, we will be expanding on this with more information in the build up to the conference. Seven ways to cut COGsBroadening your portfolio – The smart wayBuying/selling A Distillery Standing out from the crowd – Considerations for bespoke bottlesHop It! – The use of hops in spiritsHidden distractions: how the world around you can impact how you tasteBeyond direct fire: future power options for stills Botanicals: Fresh vs dry – an honest comparison What’s next for gin?The Botanical UpdateMultishot gin: more practical implicationsThe Long-lost Gins of Victorian London The English Whisky ShowcaseGin & Tonic Networking with The Gin Guild [...]
Writer and spirits expert Bernadette Pamplin leads a discussion panel on cool distilling (sometimes known as vacuum, reduced pressure, or rotovap distilling). This technique has long been used in laboratories, but for more than 10 years has also been used by distillers. Whether it is to distil certain botanicals or the entirety of a gin, cool distilling allows producers to capture flavours not available via hot distilling. [...]
What is hydrodistillation and how can it be utilised with rotovap vacuum distillation and gas chromatography to reduce a distillery’s environmental footprint? Ulrich Dyer of Woodlab Distillery is doing incredible work with hydrodistillation. Find out more about how he does it, and the huge sustainability benefits in this talk, filmed for a previous virtual Expo. If you want to find out more you can also read this article in Gin Magazine, written by Bernadette Pamplin. [...]
RTD of the Year 2022Whisky Cocktail – WINNER – Cocktails By Mail – Smoked Honey SourWhisky Cocktail – Highly Commended – Cocktails By Mail – Covfefe Martini Gin and Tonic – WINNER – Adnams Copper House Gin and TonicGin and Tonic – Highly Commended – Chew Valley Distillery – Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary Gin and Skinny TonicGin and Tonic – Highly Commended – Mothers Ruin 1751 – Cornish Blue Gin and TonicGin and Tonic – Highly Commended – Spirit of One – One G&T Crisp Apple Mojito – WINNER – Tom Savano – Mojito Gin Ready To Drink – WINNER – Conker – Gin & JuiceGin Ready To Drink – Highly Commended – Brighton Gin – Brighton Raspberry Crush RTD – Highly Commended – Oyester – Maritime Hard Seltzer Tropical PunchRTD – Highly Commended – 58 & Co – Gin Hard Seltzer Pink GrapefruitRTD – Highly Commended – Michael Hunneygen-Henry & Tom Okello – The Potion by Potion Universe Gin Cocktail Ready To Serve – WINNER – Hernö – Word!Gin Cocktail Ready To Serve – Highly Commended – Hernö – MartinezGin Cocktail Ready To Serve – Highly Commended – World of Zing – Saffron & Rose Gimlet Mai Tai – WINNER – Distil + Fill – Mai TaiMai Tai – Highly Commended – Tom Savano – Mai Tai RTS Margarita – WINNER – Deano Moncrieffe – Mirror MargaritaRTD Margarita – WINNER – Tom Savano – Margarita Martini – WINNER – Puddingstone Spirits – Campfire MartiniMartini – Highly Commended – Sacred Spirits – Dry Martini Negroni – WINNER – Sacred Spirits – Bottle Aged NegroniNegroni – Highly Commended – 137 Distillery – Navy Royal NegroniNegroni – Highly Commended – World of Zing – Bordeaux Cask Aged NegroniNegroni – Highly Commended – Atom Labs – Jaffa Cake Negroni [...]
A big thank you to everyone who came and participated in this years Craft Distilling Expo! We have a great time and look forward to welcoming you to the next one. Got any good pictures? Feel free to send them to us and we can add them to the gallery. [...]
Alan Powell is here with your all important 2022 update on duty and licensing. First shown at the Craft Distilling Expo on 7th October 2022, in this video Alan gives the latest info to keep you up to date with this important part of running a distillery. Whilst most presentations will only be available to ticket holders for a while, we will start to leak them out over time to go in our resources section. In Alan’s case however, we thought it would be in everyone’s interest to share this sooner rather than later. [...]
Arthur Nägele and Tobias Gorn, veteran global drinks judges and co-founders of International Drinks Specialists, will be hosting a FREE drop-in clinic at this year’s Craft Distilling Expo. Here, brand owners and producers can bring their samples for discussion and informal feedback as an introduction to the wider IDS evaluation process. If you are interested, please speak to Expo Reception when you arrive.  Thursday 8th October11:00-13:00 with Ilona Fässler14:00-16:00 with Ilona Fässler Friday 9th October11:00-14:00 with Arthur Nägele [...]
This year’s Craft Distilling Expo is almost upon us: Thursday 6th – Friday 7th October. This year we are in a new location, in a different part of the Truman Brewery complex. The Craft Distilling Expo is still at the Old Truman Brewery but in a new building “U Block” (by 148 Brick Lane) just a minute down the road from the Boiler House. So, please check the map details below before you travel. If you’re using satnav, then use the address 148 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL and you should see signposting from there. See you soon! [...]
Jamie Duncan is Head of Sales and Product Management at QuadraChem Laboratories. Here, he tells us a little bit about QCL and why you should visit them on their stand at this years Craft Distilling Expo. Please introduce yourself and what you do for QCL.I’m Jamie Duncan, Head of Sales & Product Management. I have worked at QCL for over 15 years in a variety of roles but always looking after our customers across the UK. What is the role of QCL in the distilling industry?Supplying distillers with analytical solutions to maintaining product quality and consistency. Our aim is to offer high quality instrumentation at an affordable price to allow growing distilleries to have access to high quality testing equipment. Can you give a brief history on QCL?QCL has been providing innovative, rapid analytical solutions to a wide range of industries for more than 40 years. We source equipment from around the world, using our expertise to select the most advanced, robust and cost-effective analytical solutions. We maintain a high level of technical expertise enabling us to ensure that our customers can achieve the accuracy and efficiency required from their testing regimes. Our beverage sector encompasses the entire range of alcoholic beverages produced in the UK, providing analytical systems that can make an important contribution to maintaining the quality and consistency of our customers’ products. What do you like about working for QCL?By offering a range of products using new technologies there is always something to learn. We cover the whole UK for a wide range of industries so there is always something interesting happening. What can QCL offer customers that makes them stand out?We supply analysers designed specifically for our customers’ applications. All our installations include calibration and training to ensure they are accurate and customers can maintain product specifications. As a customer of QCL the right advice is only a phone call or e-mail away and our support team provide can often resolve issues remotely. Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo? The AlcoTest is a highly versatile % ABV analyser for distillers for maintaining product consistency. It provides an accurate measurement of alcohol content in less than 3 minutes without the need for distillation. It also allows you to measure other key flavour quality indicators such as density, refractive index and Brix. Tickets Back to Exhibitors [...]
Odin van Eijk is the Founder and CEO of iStill, one of the world’s leading distillery manufacturers, with over 1000 distilleries around the world. iStill have a long history of supporting the Craft Distilling Expo and this year we are proud to say they are our platinum sponsors. Please introduce yourself and what you do for iStill.My name is Odin, and I am the founder and CEO of iStill. What is the role of iStill in the distilling industry?iStill designs, manufactures, and sells the world’s most advanced distillation system. Helped by our adagium “Distilling made easy”, we use technology, education, and consultancy to empower the craft distilling industry in general and our customers specifically. Can you give a brief history on iStill?iStill, after three years of prototyping, started in 2013. In less than a decade, we became the world’s leading manufacturer of distilleries. We have over 1,000 customers globally and produce over 200 distilleries per year. What do you like about working for iStill?What’s amazing – even after a decade of helping change the industry – is how innovative iStill is. I love working for the company, because of the creativity. Dozens of people strive to invent new things that make the day-to-day life of craft distillers a little bit better or easier. And hundreds of customers chime in and share their feedback, as we move forward. What can iStill offer customers that makes them stand out?Distilling is not just about acquiring the best technology, but also about learning how to use it to your advantage. iStill delivers amazing technology, with a longevity of 20 to 30 years. We educate our customers both online and via practical courses at the iStill Distilling University in the Netherlands. We offer recipe development services as well as a community where all iStill customers can interact and learn from each other. Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?The London Craft Distilling Expo is the place to go to if you are a craft distiller or future craft distiller that wants to stay up to date with industry wide developments. Anything else you’d like to add?Nope, that’s about it. If you have any more Q’s please let me know. Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
Bert Albrecht is the Head of UK Sales for Ethimex. Find out a little more about them and why you should come and speak to Bert on the stand at this year’s Craft Distilling Expo. Please introduce yourself and what you do for Ethimex. Bert Albrecht, as Head of UK Sales I spend most of my time discussing projects with distillers and drinks creators. What is the role of Ethimex in the distilling industry? We source and distribute ethanol and spirits, age Scotch and Bourbon and even run a cooperage in Colombia. Through years of visiting local distilleries we have built up a global network and we now offer over a dozen grades of ethanol and over 30 types of spirits. From our UK hub, we supply from stock 5 different types of premium GNS and a range of bulk white and gold rums, Bourbon, Scotch and Agave Spirit. Can you give a brief history on Ethimex?Two decades ago we started with the global trading of ethanol. With our import-export experience and the ever-increasing demand for bulk spirits, it made sense to expand our range as well. To make our operation smoother, we set up a UK & EU distribution centre in the UK.  What do you like about working for Ethimex?Ethimex is an independent company and with our experience in sourcing we can take on fun and challenging projects. What can Ethimex offer customers that makes them stand out? Our approach to sales is customer centric and we have a completely hands-on personal approach to all our customers. No matter how big or small our clients are, they are all treated with the same amount of care and dedication. Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?We have one main focus: the sourcing of spirits. Any request is will spark an engaging conversation. Anything else you’d like to add? Spirits are great products to explore and you’ll notice the passion in our team whenever you meet them. Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
Jim Rankin is the Commercial Director for Rankin Brothers & Sons. Closure manufacturers that are well renowned in the industry, having been founded all the way back in 1772. Please introduce yourself and what you do for Rankin.Hello, I’m Jim Rankin, Commercial Director for Rankin. What is the role of Rankin in the distilling industry? Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply closures of quality that protect and add value to our customers brands. Can you give a brief history on Rankin?Founded in Scotland in 1774, Rankin is one of the oldest cork and closure supplying companies in the world. The company owns and manages over 4,500 acres of prime cork forest in Portugal and it has manufacturing units in Portugal and in the UK. What do you like about working for ‘Rankin?To listen to the people behind the brands; the wine maker, the brewer, the distiller, the marketing team, to understand the product and their ambition for success, so that my team and I can develop a closure that performs optimally and that exudes cues to quality.     What can Rankin offer customers that makes them stand out? Our provenance and heritage and that we’re hear to listen to what our customers need and will develop our offer accordingly. Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo? To see what we can do for you and your brand and to give maybe different perspective. Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
Wesley Thompson is the Sales Manager for CERTUSS UK. Here he gives a brief history of CERTUSS, touches on new developments and why you should visit him on their exhibitor stand. Please introduce yourself and what you do for CERTUSS.Wesley Thompson, Sales Manager for CERTUSS UK. What is the role of CERTUSS in the distilling industry?CERTUSS UK play an important role in the distilling industry as we supply steam plant equipment. Can you give a brief history on CERTUSS?CERTUSS was founded in Krefeld Germany 1957, since then it has progressed to supply steam generators all over the world and offices in the UK and America. ( What do you like about working for CERTUSS?I love working for CERTUSS because of how varied it can be and the number of industries we get to be involved with. The distilling industry is one of my favourites as I do love my gin and whisky. What can CERTUSS offer customers that makes them stand out?CERTUSS offer steam plant equipment that can raise steam within 3 minutes and have a fantastic fuel to steam efficiency of up to 98%.   Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?If you are looking for steam at your distillery or even thinking about it, please come and talk to us about how the CERTUSS equipment works and the advantages it can bring to your distillery. Anything else you’d like to add?We have recently released our new EMX range, a fully electric steam generator ( Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
Sam Williams is the Commercial Director at BrewMan, software designed by Premier Systems which can help make automate processes to make distillery management a little easier. Please introduce yourself and what you do for BrewMan.I’m Sam Williams, I’m the Commercial Director at BrewMan. What is the role of BrewMan in the distilling industry?Our software helps around 30-40 distilleries in the UK manage their business behind the scenes. By using the system our distillery clients find they save themselves a significant amount of admin time, particularly around batch tracking, duty calculation and stock control.  Can you give a brief history of BrewMan?BrewMan is now on its 7th version, it was originally released in the early 2000s for breweries specifically. The most recent version was developed to be flexible and incorporate different alcohol producers on the platform which is when we started working with many more of our distilleries. What do you like about working for BrewMan?It’s a relaxed, friendly team environment and great to work in such a collaborative industry that involves the occasional drink with great clients. What can BrewMan offer customers that makes them stand out?Our system has been built through requests from 300 alcohol producers over the past 20 years and therefore provides functionality to deal with the specific issues that drinks businesses have to deal with.  Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?If they haven’t used management software before or are using other systems, we would love to show a demonstration of BrewMan and find out if it can help their businesses. Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
Megan Alexander is the Global Account Executive for FIVE x 5 Solutions. FIVE x 5 Solutions are new to the Craft Distilling Expo and we’re very pleased to have them on board. Here she tells us a little about what the company does and why you should visit her on the stand. Please introduce yourself and what you do for FIVE x 5 Solutions (Fx5)My name is Megan Alexander and I’m the Global Account Executive for FIVE x 5 Solutions. As a global sales representative for FIVE x 5 Solutions for more than 6 years, I have worked with hundreds of distilleries around the world with the goal of understanding their unique businesses, their process needs, and to help match them with Fx5’s products and services. I’ve loved the role of helping distillery or spirits-operations find the best fit for their business by matching their needs with our software and service solutions. What is the role of FIVE x 5 Solutions in the distilling industry?Fx5 offers cloud-based SaaS software specifically designed to help craft distilleries and cask warehousers manage operations, inventory, regulatory compliance, and more. In concert with our software solutions, we offer consulting services to further help our customers successfully navigate the complicated world of distilling, process optimisation, compliance, and general business management.   Can you give a brief history on FIVE x 5 Solutions?2011: Tired of dealing with spreadsheets, the general manager of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (Denver, CO USA) builds Stillhouse, the first cloud-based software solution designed to make it easier for distilleries to stay federally compliant. When Stranahan’s is acquired by a major spirits conglomerate, Stillhouse spins off as a new company, Distillery Solutions. 2015: Based on the feedback of more than 100 craft distilleries using the product, Distillery Solutions launches Stillhouse v2, redesigned to make it easier than ever to monitor, optimise, and manage distillery operations. 2015: Distillery Solutions partners with its first international distillery, located In South Africa. 2018: Distillery Solutions rebrands to FIVE x 5 Solutions, and Stillhouse becomes DISTILL x 5. 2019: Fx5 joins Volaris Group, gaining the support of a larger company’s experience and expertise and ensuring our long-term viability and enduring stability.  2022: Fx5 adds consulting to its offerings to further support the needs of craft distilleries with compliance, process optimisation, and general business advising. Fx5 surpasses 1000 global distillery partners supported by its software products. What do you like about working for FIVE x 5 Solutions?What I like most about Fx5 is that the team is as enthusiastic about this industry as I am. We function as a single team pursing a common goal: to provide the craft spirits industry with solutions that give business owners and employees peace of mind and help them focus on what they really love – making great products. Fx5’s customer care and development teams are wholly located in the US and are employees of Fx5, so while we’re small and nimble (less than 30 people worldwide), we have a centralised perspective and focus on our distillery partners. Combining this commitment to the craft spirits industry with the steadfastness that comes from the backing of our parent company, Volaris Group, enables us to respond quickly to customer needs without compromising the long-term stability on which our partner distilleries depend. It’s the best of both worlds. What can FIVE x 5 Solutions offer customers that makes them stand out?What makes us unique is our combination of offerings and experience. Specifically: Proven distillery management software. The numbers tell the story: with more than 1000 partner distilleries across 20 countries on 5 continents, Fx5’s software has been tried, tested, and proved.  A customer care team that is second to none. Not a day goes by without our care team receiving sincere commendations from a distillery. We don’t sell a software system and walk away – we offer and stand by a full solution and support our users’ businesses as well as their software experience.  Experienced consulting services. Our Consulting team has years of experience living and breathing distilling, and they know the challenges a craft spirits business faces (and how to be successful!). This both enriches our software products and provides us with additional resources to assist our distillery partners in achieving their goals.  A global understanding. Though we’re based in the United States, with more than 60 international distillery partners around the globe we have the international perspective, knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to ensure the same success for our international users as our domestic distilleries.  Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?While software is often viewed as nice-to-have, we’re attending the Expo to show that distillery management software can save craft spirits producers time and money, reduce frustration, and give business owners the peace of mind needed to focus on the reason they started a distillery in the first place – making and selling great products.  Anything else you’d like to add?We look forward to meeting everyone at CDE. Please stop by or booth, even if it’s just to say hello and introduce yourself. Tickets Back to Exhibitors [...]
FIVE x 5 was founded on the idea that running a business is hard enough – there’s no reason to make it even harder with manual operations and compliance management. That’s where we come in. We come to work every day with a simple mission – make it easier to make great things. Our products are built with the end-user in mind, and we work tirelessly to continuously improve, from speeding up our core functionality to adding new, innovative features designed to mirror the work your team is doing every day. One of the most important factors for your distillery’s profitability and growth is operational efficiency. With your finger on the pulse of your operation’s effectiveness from grain to glass, you’ll be able make the optimizations necessary to take your distillery to the next level. Fx5’s software gives you the real-time data and insights you need to make the best decisions for your business. You can rest easy knowing you have full traceability to ensure consistency in producing the spirits you’re proud of. Whether you’re a small craft distillery just getting your business off the ground now, or a large-scale operation producing thousands of proof gallons, Fx5’s industry-leading distillery management software solutions will make producing your spirits a breeze. Contact Details Email: sales@fx5solutions.comContact Us link: Interview With Megan Alexander Find Out More [...]
Odin van Ejik is the Founder of iStill, one of the world’s leading distillery manufacturers, with over 1000 distilleries around the world. iStill have a long history of supporting the Craft Distilling Expo and this year we are proud to say they are our platinum sponsors. iStill not only provide distilling equipment, but an education for new distillers, and they are on the forefront of innovation, always researching and looking to upgrade and design new equipment with the potential to change the game. [...]
Ahead of this year’s Craft Distilling Expo, I caught up with Nolan Kane, Head of Emerging Brands at Allied Glass. Allied Glass have been a supporter of ten Craft Distilling Expo for a number of years. It’s always a pleasure to have them on board as exhibitors, and Nolan has been involved in a few of our talks over the years. Please introduce yourself and what you do for Allied Glass?Hi, I’m Nolan Kane, Head of Emerging Brands at Allied Glass. What is the role of Allied Glass in the distilling industry?We design, manufacture and decorate innovative glass packaging. Can you give a brief history of the company?Allied glass was started by three Yorkshire glassblowers and a blacksmith in 1874, Allied’s story is one of vision, entrepreneurship and British manufacturing. Driven by innovation, for almost 150 years we have been creating glass packaging for some of the most recognised brands in the industry. What do you like about working for Allied Glass?There’s a fantastic team spirit, everyone works towards the common goal, which is creating exception glass bottles. What can Allied Glass offer customers that makes them stand out?We can offer exceptional glass and decoration options for both bespoke and off the shelf bottles that are locally made and sustainable. Whether a start up or one of the world’s biggest brands we can take your on shelf presence to the next level. Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?The same reason 100’s of other emerging brands have chosen to come to our stand over the years and partner with Allied Glass for their glass supply, we understand brands, their journeys and will be there for every step. Tickets Back To Exhibitors [...]
This year, we are proud to present iStill as our Platinum Sponsor. I took a few minutes to catch up with the man himself, Odin van Eijk to see what iStill have been up to and why it’s worth visiting their stall. His answer, talking about their new extractor, has me wanting to go myself, so I might well see you there. If you want to find out more about iStill you can view their profile. Want to meet Odin on the stall? Make sure you have a ticket. [...]
With craftsmanship at the very heart of our company, we’ve developed a process which ensures quality at every stage of manufacturing. From product innovation, to state-of-the-art technology, at Wade this is how we combine the best of British workmanship with contemporary and premium style. Our spirit bottles and decanters provide a touch of class. All are fully vitrified, meaning they are fired to a temperature which ensures the porcelain not absorb any moisture, flavour, odour or stains. To ensure we meet the requirements of our customers, we always go the extra mile. Providing an unrivalled level of service and quality is something we do best. In doing so, we’ve had the privilege of working with many prestigious spirits brands. From producing a limited edition 50-year-old Royal Salute whisky bottle, to being commissioned to produce the decanter to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Famous Grouse. Find Out More [...]
As the rum category grows, the subcategories within it begin to grow too. Lines are blurred and new categories are formed. It’s difficult to keep on top of things, and although structure is integral, there still needs to be some room allowed for creativity and problem solving. And, it’s well worth considering that categorisation has an impact on consumers and what they’re expecting in that bottle from what’s on the label. It’s a hot topic for sure! In this video from the vaults Pete Holland chairs a wonderful panel to discuss the topic. Let the debate begin! You can join Pete Holland’s masterclass UK Rum, the coming of age, at this years Craft Distilling Expo, on the 6th-7th October 2022. [...]
We have two online workshops in October. Whilst these are part of the Craft Distilling Expo line up, these are separate tickets to the event, and held online so you don’t need to physically attend, making them perfect for anyone who can’t make our live event…although those attending the conference are more than welcome to get a ticket and join in! Online Workshop – Principles of Whiskey Maturation – £59.00 (+ 20% VAT)Monday 3rd October 2022 17:45 – 20:30 Please note that this is a session packed full of information and so the session will open 15 minutes beforehand (17:45) for introductions, etc.. Maturation is so much more than just aging and in this class independent spirits consultant Julia Nourney will cover the principles behind it. This is a great session for both those who are new to the production of aged spirits and the more experienced producer (it never helps to get a fresh perspective on the fundamental concepts). Topics covered will include: ● New vs used (pre-loved!) barrels ● Toasting and char levels – the difference and why it matters ● Barrel sizes ● Barrel sourcing ● Barrel storage – including in-house vs. external facility ● Knowing when a barrel spirit is “ready” ● Considerations for laying down barrels for longer periods of aging (5+ years). This ticket does not include entry to this years Expo. Online Workshop – Advanced Gin DistillingTuesday 4th October 2022 14:00-16:30 A new class for 2022 aimed at gin/botanical distillers who are in their 2nd-5th years of production hosted by independent spirit consultants David T Smith and Julia Nourney. Topics covered will include: ● Bespoke/third-party distillation ● Combining distillation methods ● Further development of a house style ● Developing a range without oversaturation ● Responding to the market in terms of innovation ● Maintaining consistency and quality control during expansion. This ticket does not include entry to this years Expo. Tickets [...]
Sensory panels – dedicated groups of tasters – have long been used by large distilleries to help train staff and maintain consistency of products, but they can also be extremely helpful for smaller producers. Panels can help with product development, quality assurance checks, and the exploration of new ingredients. Matthew S.V. Pauley, a sensory expert and Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt’s International Centre for Brewing and Distilling, will share the benefit of his experience and show you how you can design your own. If you’d like to find out more about Matthews work, you can see his latest research update at this Years Craft Distilling Expo, Thursday 6th-Friday 7th October in London. [...]
Welcome to the schedule for this year’s Craft Distilling Expo! Whilst this is a fairly final draft, it is highly likely we’ll throw in a few extra surprises over the event. Find out more about each speaker by clicking on their name. Please note, this post is for information purposes. Ticket holders can head here to view the agenda on the event system, and add talks to their own personalised agenda. If you don’t have a ticket yet, be sure to get one here. THURSDAY * Please note that Masterclasses require an additional ticket.  (Pre-Expo Event) 09:30-10:30 – MASTERCLASS*: Training the Senses with Julia Nourney – Blind Tasting (SPACE A) A rare opportunity to hone your tasting abilities with spirits expert Julia Nourney. In this session, Julia will explain how the senses work, how to train your palate, and how things are not always what they seem. 10:00 – EXPO OPENS 10:30-10:50 – Welcome and Keynote Address (SPACE B)The Craft Distilling Expo is delighted to welcome our long-time friend and supporter, Master of Distilling Stephen Gould of Golden Moon Distillery, Colorado as our keynote speaker. 11:00-11:45 – How to Start a Distillery Panel (SPACE B)The Craft Distilling Expo kicks off in the usual style with our regular “How to Start a Distillery” panel, which will be made up of a mix of industry experts and distillers who have been there, done it, and got the t-shirt! Chair by the wonderful Kathy Caton of Brighton Gin. 11:00-11:25 – The RYE (Right) Expectations with Ian Wisniewski (SPACE A)Expo favourite Ian Wisniewski is back to talk about consumer expectations when it comes to whisk(e)y (in particular, rye). He will provide valuable insight on how to communicate flavour profile and styles clearly and efficiently to potential customers. 11:00-13:00 – Spirits Drop-in with International Drinks SpecialistsCome and get your spirit evaluated by the experts, providing feedback for recipe development or spirits competitions. 12:00-12:45 – MASTERCLASS*: Gin FAQ with Rachel Sutherland and Ben Marston (SPACE A)Our popular, annual talk on topical gin matters returns! This year, we cover two topics in this single talk: Part One: Compounding – The art of compounding, or making gin via infusion, has occasionally been maligned by distillers, but with rising fuel costs is it time for this low energy production alternative to get a second look? Ben Marston of Puddingstone Distillery will share some of his recent findings on the topic. Part Two: The Chemical Composition of London Dry – Rachel Sutherland, in conjunction with Warner’s Distillery and the University of Nottingham, will share some of her recent work on the analysis of a London Dry Gin during a production run. This is a great opportunity to understand how a gin changes during a still run using both chemical analysis and tasting samples. 13:00-13:25 – Sustainable Shipping (SPACE A)Rosie Milsom of Atom Brands and independent green spirits commentator Sarah Miller will discuss the evolving world of spirits shipping, from bulk shipments to individual domestic delivery. The talk will cover: recyclability, the carbon footprint of couriers, and – crucially – making sure the product arrives in one piece. 13:00-13:45 – Duty and Licensing Update with Alan Powell of the British Distillers Alliance (SPACE B)Expo favourite Alan Powell of the British Distillers Alliance returns to give an update on duty and licensing issues in the UK. 14:00-14:30 – The Gin Guild – Ten Years On… (SPACE B)2022 sees the tenth anniversary of The Gin Guild. Over the past decade, led by Nicholas Cook and The Gin Guild Board and with the support of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, the organisation has been a great source for good and encouragement in the gin industry. Join new Director General Pal Gleed to discuss the future of the organisation. 14:00-14:45 – MASTERCLASS*: UK Rum: The Coming of Age with Peter Holland (SPACE A)Unaged spirit is a graceful and pure expression of the underlying base material, fermentation, and distillation, but, for some, rum really comes into its own when the spirit has been matured or aged with wood. The UK is moving into this area at an increasing pace, with 3 year old rums that have been both produced and matured in the UK now available from both England and Scotland. Join rum expert Peter Holland of The Floating Rum Shack as he explores some of the more exciting variations of aged rum from the UK, including some exciting three year old spirits. 14:00-16:00 – Spirits Drop-in with International Drinks SpecialistsCome and get your spirit evaluated by the experts, providing feedback for recipe development or spirits competitions. 15:00-15:25 – Food IN Drink: The Ultimate Pairing (SPACE B)Distilling Expo favourite Rosie Milsom of Atom Brands is back by popular demand to discuss a rather unusual subject: incorporating food into spirits. If you’re interested in jam doughnut gin, bourbon Bourbon (whiskey), or a barbecue Old Fashioned, then this session is for you! Rosie will discuss a range of techniques that you can use to make unique and high-quality spirits where any notion of fad or novelty evaporates as soon as they are tasted. 15:00-15:30 – A Classic Whodunnit? Fingerprinting Juniper: Profiling Predominance (SPACE A)Matthew Pauley presents findings of his latest research, which is funded by The Gin Guild and in association with the Scotch Whisky Research Institute, is part of industry-leading work concerning the sensory performance of gin. Using techniques usually applied to the field of medical research, he is able to look at patterns of perception and look for signals, trends and, in time, correlations and causations within the data using algorithmic techniques previously out of the reach of this project just two years ago. 15:30-16:00 – From London to Lima: An Englishman in Peru (SPACE B)Alex James describes his exciting journey of starting a distillery in the mountains of Peru, from embracing and supporting local communities and resources to having to make his own cooperage tool to make barrels. An eye-opening account with some breath taking imagery. 16:00-16:30 – Independent Retail Forum (SPACE B)Join Dimple Athavia of “All Things Drinks” to discuss the role of independent retail (both online and physical) in the modern world of spirits. Discover the opportunities available to work with these companies and build mutually profitable relationships, as well as the sorts of products and concepts that they are currently interested in. 16:00-16:30 – Spirits Drop-in with International Drinks SpecialistsCome and get your spirit evaluated by the experts, providing feedback for recipe development or spirits competitions. 16:00-16:45 – MASTERCLASS*: The Drinks of James Bond 007 (SPACE A)Thursday 6th October is sixty years to the day that the first James Bond film, Dr. No, was released at cinemas and to celebrate our in-house 007 fan David T Smith will guide you through some of the secret agent’s drinks in this fun, but informative session. David will discuss how to make a faithful recreation of Kina Lillet and offer a tasting of a vintage bottle of Dimple Haig – a whisky favoured by the famous spy. Includes tasting samples…. 17:00-18:00 – Networking HourJoin us for networking hour, with a few G&Ts of course, kindly provided by the Gin Guild. It’s a great opportunity to meet other distillers, and exhibitors for a more casual chat. FRIDAY * Please note that Masterclasses require an additional ticket.  09:30-10:30 MASTERCLASS*: Species of Oak: Barrel Tasting (SPACE A)Join independent spirits expert Julia Nourney for an eye-opening session exploring the impact that the species of oak used for ageing can have on a spirit: from European to American oak and a number of others besides. This will showcase how the impact of maturation goes beyond the factors of time, toast, and char. 10:00-10:45 – How to Grow Your Distillery (SPACE B)Aimed at distillers that are at least 2-5 years into their distilling journey, this session will cover topics critical to growing distillers: from product line extension to hiring more staff and raising capital. 11:00-11:25 – Botanical Update – Beacon Commodities (SPACE A)Join Michael Haughton and team from Beacon Commodities for an update on the current situation and future outlook for botanical supplies. With the recent rise in climatic and political uncertainty, this talk is a must for any gin or botanical distiller. 11:00-14:00 – Spirits Drop-in with International Drinks SpecialistsCome and get your spirit evaluated by the experts, providing feedback for recipe development or spirits competitions. 12:00-12:45 – MASTERCLASS*: New Make Whisky Tasting (SPACE A)Before there was whisky, there was new make whisky and it’s always been thus. For a while, the market’s attention has been focused on the impact of the barrel: toasting, charring, finishes, etc., but now that a new generation of whisky producers have released their aged products, new make is back in vogue. In association with Holyrood Distillery, join Millie Milliken, IWSC’s 2022 Spirits Communicator of the Year and self-confessed new make fanatic for an informative and enjoyable tasting of new make spirits, exploring yeast strains, base materials, and much more. 13:00-13:45 – Boiler Infusion, Vapor Infusion, and Extraction – A Varied Approach To Botanical Distillation – With iStill (SPACE B)Join Odin van Eijk from iStill as he discusses a variety of techniques and the equipment required to make a range of botanical spirits including a new extraction technique. 14:00-14:25 – ‘5 Tips for Marketing Success’ with Richard Foster (SPACE B)Not only is Richard Foster the Chief Explorer and standard bearer for English Whisky, he also has in-depth knowledge and experience in spirits marketing; in this session, Rich will share some of the secrets of his success. 14:00-14:45 – MASTERCLASS*: Salt in Spirits – A Practical Guide (SPACE A)Sweetness can really add something to spirits and liqueurs are legally required to include it, but what about the other side of the coin: what about salt? There has been a small, but increasing number of distillers using salt in their spirits, whether that be as a botanical, post-distillation infusion, or in the proofing process. It can add flavour, texture, and a little “je ne sai quoi” to any spirit, whether that be that rum, whisky, gin, brandy, or liqueur. This session will explore questions such as: what sort of salt should you use? does it make a difference? and what are the pitfalls to watch out for? Join us to find out with Vanessa Piromallo, Avian Sandercock, David T Smith and Julia Nourney. 15:00-15:45 – English Whisky Panel (SPACE A)It’s been 15 years in the making, but now the English Whisky scene has really picked up momentum, with over 40 distilleries now making it in the country. This year also saw the founding of the English Whisky Guild, so it’s safe to say that there is plenty to talk about. Join Richard Foster of Exploring English Whisky and his special guests as they discuss the exciting rise and future of this category. 15:00-16:00 – Importing and Distribution (SPACE B)As brands continue to expand, they naturally set their sites on finding new markets and furthering existing ones; to be successful with this, a great partnership with an importer and distributor is essential. Jaye Iwanowski, Director of Identity Drinks Brands and Samantha Smith, Director of Niche Alcohol Suppliers, as they share their experiences and answer your questions. This should be a fascinating session with two industry leaders who both looks after some fantastic products. 16:00-16:30 – Still Power: Heat Sources for Stills Beyond 2022 (SPACE B)Energy is currently a hot topic the world over and the impact of rising-prices, environmental concerns, and potential future legislation is being felt by distillers around the globe. As a result, many are considering or re-considering how they heat their stills. Allen Associates will give an impartial appraisal of the current situation and future challenges, and what options distillers have to successfully overcome them. 16:00-16:45 – MASTERCLASS*: Barrel Entry Proof (SPACE A)What difference does the ABV that a spirit enters a barrel have on the final product? Find out in this informative masterclass with Stephen Gould of Golden Moon Distillery. Attendees will get to taste a range of whiskies that have entered the barrel at different ABVs so they can experience the difference for themselves. [...]
Samantha Smith is the owner of Niche Alcohol Supplies. Falling in Love with the GIN EVA range of gins from the Mediterranean island of Majorca is what bought us into the industry. What an experience and we just love the industry and all the amazing people. The passion and infectious creativity which we love sharing with people to try new and exciting spirits and pair with delicious foods. Enjoying food and drink with friends and family surely has to be one of life’s great pleasures…. Niche Alcohol Supplies – Importer, Distributor and Brand Builder –  is a family owned business run by Samantha and Andrew Smith together with their sons & team. Sourcing outstanding products globally from independent family-owned passionate, self-sustainable artisan distilleries, all of which have their own unique stories. Our hand picked Portfolio of producers with award winning spirits are GIN EVA– KNUT HANSEN –  RON PIET –  LONDON TO LIMA SPIRITS – DECISION Cherish every note of the divinely distilled, award-winning spirits from Niche Alcohol Supplies. Every dram is sourced directly from the un-governable, hard-working hands of independent distillers. [...]
Jaye Iwanowski is the Director of Identity Drinks Brands Ltd. Those in her network, are familiar with my infectious passion and enthusiasm for working in the spirits industry. A few decades in, she has successfully driven the brand equity of products such as Plantation rum, Crystal Head vodka and Funkin, she possesses an irrefutable network of industry contacts and has a proven track record of managing various teams to secure individual targets…and most importantly significant company growth!! [...]
Kathy Caton is Co-Founder of Brighton’s first (legal!) distillery, bringing the multiple award-winning Brighton Gin to the city and beyond. Brighton obsessive with a passion for good food, drink, arts and culture. When not making gin, she can be found broadcasting and podcasting – currently live on BBC Radio Sussex & BBC Radio Surrey every Thursday 8-10pm, plus The Sipping Forecast podcast is out weekly via all the usual platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts or Anchor.  [...]
Pal Gleed is recently appointed Director General of the Gin Guild, an experienced Digital Marketing Manager with a creative eye and experience, and has an enthusiastic ‘let’s try it’ attitude, is known for outside the box thinking and excellent communication and IT skills. [...]
Scott Allen of Allen Associates is a Chemical Engineer and MD. Allen Associates provides Chemical & Process Engineering Design, Whisky Distilling Solutions, Bespoke System Design, Project Implementation Support and Process Safety Compliance.  [...]
Daniel Szor is the Founder of Cotswolds Distillery. Cotswolds Distillery founder Daniel Szor was born and raised in New York City and has spent most of his professional life living in Paris and London, specialising in the sales & marketing of currency investment management services. Now he enjoys being the Founder and CEO of a fantastic distillery based in the Cotswolds that creates an amazing array of spirits. [...]