Megan Alexander is the Global Account Executive for FIVE x 5 Solutions. FIVE x 5 Solutions are new to the Craft Distilling Expo and we’re very pleased to have them on board. Here she tells us a little about what the company does and why you should visit her on the stand.

Please introduce yourself and what you do for FIVE x 5 Solutions (Fx5)
My name is Megan Alexander and I’m the Global Account Executive for FIVE x 5 Solutions. As a global sales representative for FIVE x 5 Solutions for more than 6 years, I have worked with hundreds of distilleries around the world with the goal of understanding their unique businesses, their process needs, and to help match them with Fx5’s products and services. I’ve loved the role of helping distillery or spirits-operations find the best fit for their business by matching their needs with our software and service solutions.

What is the role of FIVE x 5 Solutions in the distilling industry?
Fx5 offers cloud-based SaaS software specifically designed to help craft distilleries and cask warehousers manage operations, inventory, regulatory compliance, and more. In concert with our software solutions, we offer consulting services to further help our customers successfully navigate the complicated world of distilling, process optimisation, compliance, and general business management.  

Can you give a brief history on FIVE x 5 Solutions?
2011: Tired of dealing with spreadsheets, the general manager of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (Denver, CO USA) builds Stillhouse, the first cloud-based software solution designed to make it easier for distilleries to stay federally compliant. When Stranahan’s is acquired by a major spirits conglomerate, Stillhouse spins off as a new company, Distillery Solutions.

2015: Based on the feedback of more than 100 craft distilleries using the product, Distillery Solutions launches Stillhouse v2, redesigned to make it easier than ever to monitor, optimise, and manage distillery operations.

2015: Distillery Solutions partners with its first international distillery, located In South Africa.

2018: Distillery Solutions rebrands to FIVE x 5 Solutions, and Stillhouse becomes DISTILL x 5.

2019: Fx5 joins Volaris Group, gaining the support of a larger company’s experience and expertise and ensuring our long-term viability and enduring stability. 

2022: Fx5 adds consulting to its offerings to further support the needs of craft distilleries with compliance, process optimisation, and general business advising. Fx5 surpasses 1000 global distillery partners supported by its software products.

What do you like about working for FIVE x 5 Solutions?
What I like most about Fx5 is that the team is as enthusiastic about this industry as I am. We function as a single team pursing a common goal: to provide the craft spirits industry with solutions that give business owners and employees peace of mind and help them focus on what they really love – making great products. Fx5’s customer care and development teams are wholly located in the US and are employees of Fx5, so while we’re small and nimble (less than 30 people worldwide), we have a centralised perspective and focus on our distillery partners. Combining this commitment to the craft spirits industry with the steadfastness that comes from the backing of our parent company, Volaris Group, enables us to respond quickly to customer needs without compromising the long-term stability on which our partner distilleries depend. It’s the best of both worlds.

What can FIVE x 5 Solutions offer customers that makes them stand out?
What makes us unique is our combination of offerings and experience. Specifically:

Proven distillery management software. The numbers tell the story: with more than 1000 partner distilleries across 20 countries on 5 continents, Fx5’s software has been tried, tested, and proved. 

A customer care team that is second to none. Not a day goes by without our care team receiving sincere commendations from a distillery. We don’t sell a software system and walk away – we offer and stand by a full solution and support our users’ businesses as well as their software experience. 

Experienced consulting services. Our Consulting team has years of experience living and breathing distilling, and they know the challenges a craft spirits business faces (and how to be successful!). This both enriches our software products and provides us with additional resources to assist our distillery partners in achieving their goals. 

A global understanding. Though we’re based in the United States, with more than 60 international distillery partners around the globe we have the international perspective, knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to ensure the same success for our international users as our domestic distilleries. 

Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?
While software is often viewed as nice-to-have, we’re attending the Expo to show that distillery management software can save craft spirits producers time and money, reduce frustration, and give business owners the peace of mind needed to focus on the reason they started a distillery in the first place – making and selling great products. 

Anything else you’d like to add?
We look forward to meeting everyone at CDE. Please stop by or booth, even if it’s just to say hello and introduce yourself.