We have two online workshops in October. Whilst these are part of the Craft Distilling Expo line up, these are separate tickets to the event, and held online so you don’t need to physically attend, making them perfect for anyone who can’t make our live event…although those attending the conference are more than welcome to get a ticket and join in!

Online Workshop – Principles of Whiskey Maturation – £59.00 (+ 20% VAT)
Monday 3rd October 2022 17:45 – 20:30
Please note that this is a session packed full of information and so the session will open 15 minutes beforehand (17:45) for introductions, etc..

Maturation is so much more than just aging and in this class independent spirits consultant Julia Nourney will cover the principles behind it. This is a great session for both those who are new to the production of aged spirits and the more experienced producer (it never helps to get a fresh perspective on the fundamental concepts). Topics covered will include: ● New vs used (pre-loved!) barrels ● Toasting and char levels – the difference and why it matters ● Barrel sizes ● Barrel sourcing ● Barrel storage – including in-house vs. external facility ● Knowing when a barrel spirit is “ready” ● Considerations for laying down barrels for longer periods of aging (5+ years). This ticket does not include entry to this years Expo.

Online Workshop – Advanced Gin Distilling
Tuesday 4th October 2022 14:00-16:30
A new class for 2022 aimed at gin/botanical distillers who are in their 2nd-5th years of production hosted by independent spirit consultants David T Smith and Julia Nourney. Topics covered will include: ● Bespoke/third-party distillation ● Combining distillation methods ● Further development of a house style ● Developing a range without oversaturation ● Responding to the market in terms of innovation ● Maintaining consistency and quality control during expansion. This ticket does not include entry to this years Expo.