Jim Rankin is the Commercial Director for Rankin Brothers & Sons. Closure manufacturers that are well renowned in the industry, having been founded all the way back in 1772.

Please introduce yourself and what you do for Rankin.
Hello, I’m Jim Rankin, Commercial Director for Rankin.

What is the role of Rankin in the distilling industry?
Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply closures of quality that protect and add value to our customers brands.

Can you give a brief history on Rankin?
Founded in Scotland in 1774, Rankin is one of the oldest cork and closure supplying companies in the world. The company owns and manages over 4,500 acres of prime cork forest in Portugal and it has manufacturing units in Portugal and in the UK.

What do you like about working for ‘Rankin?
To listen to the people behind the brands; the wine maker, the brewer, the distiller, the marketing team, to understand the product and their ambition for success, so that my team and I can develop a closure that performs optimally and that exudes cues to quality.    

What can Rankin offer customers that makes them stand out?
Our provenance and heritage and that we’re hear to listen to what our customers need and will develop our offer accordingly.

Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?
To see what we can do for you and your brand and to give maybe different perspective.