For the 2024 Crafdi Craft Distilling Expo we have decided, in an effort to help you make the most of your visit, to have a more concise schedule of talks.

This will largely be made up of 25 minute sessions focusing on particular subjects that are relevant to distillers today. This should allow attendees to get to the heart of pertinent issues whilst also having more time to interact with our vendors, who are an invaluable source of knowledge.

Time is valuable and we are responding to that.

Below is the list of talks, we will be expanding on this with more information in the build up to the conference.

Seven ways to cut COGs
Broadening your portfolio – The smart way
Buying/selling A Distillery

Standing out from the crowd – Considerations for bespoke bottles
Hop It! – The use of hops in spirits
Hidden distractions: how the world around you can impact how you taste
Beyond direct fire: future power options for stills

Botanicals: Fresh vs dry – an honest comparison

What’s next for gin?
The Botanical Update
Multishot gin: more practical implications
The Long-lost Gins of Victorian London

The English Whisky Showcase
Gin & Tonic Networking with The Gin Guild