Bert Albrecht is the Head of UK Sales for Ethimex. Find out a little more about them and why you should come and speak to Bert on the stand at this year’s Craft Distilling Expo.

Please introduce yourself and what you do for Ethimex.
Bert Albrecht, as Head of UK Sales I spend most of my time discussing projects with distillers and drinks creators.

What is the role of Ethimex in the distilling industry?
We source and distribute ethanol and spirits, age Scotch and Bourbon and even run a cooperage in Colombia. Through years of visiting local distilleries we have built up a global network and we now offer over a dozen grades of ethanol and over 30 types of spirits. From our UK hub, we supply from stock 5 different types of premium GNS and a range of bulk white and gold rums, Bourbon, Scotch and Agave Spirit.

Can you give a brief history on Ethimex?
Two decades ago we started with the global trading of ethanol. With our import-export experience and the ever-increasing demand for bulk spirits, it made sense to expand our range as well. To make our operation smoother, we set up a UK & EU distribution centre in the UK. 

What do you like about working for Ethimex?
Ethimex is an independent company and with our experience in sourcing we can take on fun and challenging projects.

What can Ethimex offer customers that makes them stand out?
Our approach to sales is customer centric and we have a completely hands-on personal approach to all our customers. No matter how big or small our clients are, they are all treated with the same amount of care and dedication.

Why should people come to your stall at the October Expo?
We have one main focus: the sourcing of spirits. Any request is will spark an engaging conversation.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Spirits are great products to explore and you’ll notice the passion in our team whenever you meet them.