Sustainability in distilling is of increasing importance and it goes beyond solar panels and wind turbines; for many brands, the packaging of their spirits accounts for around 30% of their total carbon emissions. Our team of experts will discuss eco-packaging in detail in this feature-length panel, including topics such as the use of sustainable material, managing the energy expelled in production, transport, packaging reuse and recyclability.

Panel includes:
Rosie Milsom – Atom Labs / Atom Brands
Joel Harrison – Caskstrength Creative
Max Chater – Victory Distillery
Jim Rankin – Rankin Brothers ~
Nolan Kane – Allied Glass

00:10 Introductions
02:01 Sustainability does anyone care?
04:10 Why is it important? What does it mean?
08:50 Natural Cork
11:50 Sustainability as a Core Value
17:28 Aluminum Cans
20:40 Recycling
25:00 Return and Refill
27:50 Glass Bottles
33:10 Tolerance of defects – being less wasteful
38:02 Local sourcing
39:25 Demand for sustainability push or pull?
41:00 End of life for packaging / recycle / reuse
55:40 Can packaging ultra-luxury spirits be sustainable?
1:08:40 Closing Remarks