The earliest known records for steam technology can be traced back to Alexandria in AD.75. It was there that a mathematician known as “Heros” or “Heron” wrote three books on mechanics and the properties of air, and presented plans for a simple “Steam Engine”.

Fast forward from this invention, right through the many innovations of steam technology throughout the world, to 1957 in Krefeld, Germany, where our company founder Hans-Joachim Schroder and a team of enthusiastic and focused Engineers set to designing a reliable, low noise, rapid steam raising, vertical Steam Generator.

On these solid foundations our company has grown into a World leader in the steam industry, with continual growth and expansion across the globe. In the words of our current owner and CEO Mathias Brauner, Today, with our UK service centre, the main German manufacturing base, and USA Group members along with 34 other CERTUSS agencies worldwide we offer the latest steam technology and exemplary service.

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