A Classic Whodunnit? – Fingerprinting Juniper Profiling Predominance
Matthew Pauley of Heriot-Watt is carrying out research funded by the Gin Guild. It is part of industry leading work concerning the sensory performance of gin in association with the Scotch Whisky Research Institute. By using techniques usually applied to the field of medical research, he is able to look at the patterns of perception and look for signals, trends and, in time, correlations and causations within the data using algorithmic techniques previously out of the reach of this project just two years ago.

Botanical Update
Join the team from Beacon Commodities for an update on the current situation and future outlook for botanical supplies. With the recent rise in climatic and political uncertainty, this talk is a must for any gin or botanical distiller.

Duty & Licensing Update
Expo favourite Alan Powell of the British Distillers Alliance returns to give an update on duty and licencing issues in the UK.

English Whisky Panel
It’s been 15 years in the making but now the English Whisky scene has really picked up momentum with over 40 distilleries now making it in the country. This year also saw the founding of the English Whisky Guild so it’s safe to say there is plenty to talk about. Join Richard of Exploring English Whisky and his special guests as they discuss the exciting rise and future of this category.

Food IN Drink – The Ultimate Pairing
Distilling Expo favourite Rosie Milsom of Atom Brands is back by popular demand to discuss a rather unusual subject: incorporating food into spirits. If you’re interested in jam doughnut gin, bourbon Bourbon (whiskey), or a barbecue Old Fashioned, then this session is for you! Rosie will discuss a range of techniques that you can use to make unique and high-quality spirits where any notion of fad or novelty evaporates as soon as they are tasted.

From London To Lima – An Englishman In Peru
Alex James describes his exciting journey of starting a distillery in the mountains of Peru, from embracing and supporting local communities and resources to having to make his own cooperage tool to make barrels. An eye-opening account with some breath taking imagery.

Gin Guild 10 Years On
The Gin Guild celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2022.

Independent Retail Forum
Join Dimple Athavia of “All Things Drinks” and Steph Di Camillo of “Wine and Such” to discuss the role of independent retail (both online and physical) in the modern world of spirits. Discover the opportunities available to work with these companies and build mutually profitable relationships, as well as the sorts of products and concepts that they are currently interested in.

Still Power! – Heat Sources For Stills Beyond 2022
Energy is currently a hot topic the world over and the impact of rising-prices, environmental concerns, and potential future legislation is being felt by distillers around the globe. As a result, many are considering or re-considering how they heat their stills. Scott Allen will give an impartial appraisal of the current situation and future challenges, and what options distillers have to successfully overcome them.

Sustainable Shipping
Rosie Milsom of Atom Brands and independent green spirits commentator Sarah Miller will discuss the evolving world of spirits shipping from bulk shipments to individual domestic delivery. The talk will cover, recyclability, carbon footprint of couriers and crucially making sure the product arrives in one piece.

The RYE-t Expectation with Ian Wisniewski
Expo favourite Ian Wisniewski is back to talk about consumer expectations when it comes to whisk(e)y (in particular rye) and will provide some valuable insight on how to communicate clearly and efficiency flavour profile and styles to potential customers.

And more talks to be confirmed soon!