Fine with Wine – The Maturation and Finishing of Spirits in Wine CasksOnline Workshop
Wednesday 6th April 2022
13:30-16:00 GMT
£59.00 + VAT

When it comes to the world of matured spirits, the use of wine casks is increasingly popular, and why not? With such a wide variety of wines available, they can be used to add an incredibly unique and diverse character to your product, either via primary or secondary maceration, or finishing. 

Despite the advantages, the use of wine barrels is not without its problems and care needs to be taken when sourcing, maintaining, and using them. Julia Nourney will help you to embrace the opportunities and avoid the potential pitfalls.

The session will include discussion on the use of a variety of ex-wine casks – port, sherry, dessert wine, etc. – within the context of a variety of spirits, including whisky, brandy, rum, and gin.

This is a live session presented via Zoom.

Author: Bernadette