The Crafdi Craft Distilling Expo is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural Ready To Drink / Ready To Serve (RTD/RTS) competition, following on from the success of “Rum of the Year” and “Gin of the Year” competitions.

The competition is free to enter for UK and EU producers, although entrants will be responsible for all costs associated with shipping and customs, including all fees, duties and taxes, etc…

The competition is split into two parts:

Ready to Drink (RTD) of the Year

This is for drinks (most of which will be canned) that are designed to be consumed straight from their packaging/container. Examples include:

  • Hard Seltzers
  • Gin & Tonics
  • Spirits & Mixers
  • Other cocktails and mixed drinks (typically of an ABV below 12%)

Ready to Serve (RTS) of the Year

This is for products, such as bottled cocktails, which are not designed to be consumed directly from the container, but rather need to be prepared in some way, e.g. be stirred over ice, put in the freezer, etc., before being served in a glass. Examples include:

  • Bottled Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac
  • Pre-mixed Negroni, Dry Martini
  • Other cocktails (typically with an ABV over 18% ABV)

The deadline for entry and receipt of samples is Tuesday 16th August 2022.

For Ready to Drink products, a minimum of 4 are required (bottles or cans). For Ready to Serve products, a minimum of 400ml is needed.

To enter, complete the form below, which will give you full instructions. Please note. You will need to complete and send the form with your submission.

Results will be announced at The Craft Distilling Expo Live on Friday 7th October 2022.