Talks and panel discussions on the bill for our April 2022 Online Distillers Conference.

Please note, we will be updating this list in the coming weeks as more talks are recorded.

Certification – B-Corp
B-Corp is becoming an increasingly popular and important way for distilleries to show their environment and sustainable credentials but it is a process that requires dedication and time and for many some clarity about what it entails would be welcome. Join Sarah Miller as she discusses the ins and outs of B-Corp with a panel of distillers some of whom have completed it and some are in the process of or about to begin.

Colouring Spirits – A Frank Discussion
A controversial topic and one that some purists may raise an eyebrow at, but – in reality – it can be an essential part of spirit production, ensuring stability and consistency. This session will discuss the relative merits and pitfalls of different techniques and hopefully leave viewers informed to draw their own conclusions.

Closure – With The IWSC
A panel discussion, recorded in conjunction with the International Wine and Spirits Competition, about the sustainability of cork and other stopper closures.

Creating RTDs – It’s In The Can
Whether it’s the evening commute, a picnic, or a BBQ, ready-to-drink beverages such as Gin & Tonic, Whisky & Soda, and hard seltzers are increasing in popularity and availability on the shelves, giving consumers more choice when deciding to have a tipple on-the-go. But creating a stable and consistent product is not as easy as it may initially seem; our panel will share some of the secrets to success when producing an RTD.

Embracing Imperfection
Producing excellent spirits takes time, skill, and effort and many distillers take an (understandably) perfectionist attitude to production, but what if it was possible to maintain the quality of spirits whilst also adopting a more sustainable approach to “premium” and perfection? In this session we will discuss changing attitudes to what is seen as “premium glass”, a more thoughtful approach to what processes are really necessary (e.g. chill filtration), and what to do when a batch of spirit fall beyond exceptable variance of a product.

Growing The English Whisky Scene
Richard Foster of Exploring English Whisky is joined by friends from the English Whisky community to discuss the exciting times ahead for the sector.

Hell Or Highwater – A Comeback Story
What happens when the idea that you’ve built your brand on falls through? How do you manage the a rebrand and turn misfortune into a new identity?

What is hydrodistillation and how can it be utilised with rotovap vacuum distillation and gas chromatography to reduce a distillery’s environmental footprint? Ulrich Dyer of Woodlab Distillery shares some of his fascinating techniques.

Outlook for 2022
Join our panellists as they discuss the sunnier outlook for spirits and distilling in 2022 after two years of turbulence.

Recycled Glass And The Circular Economy
Nolan Kane of Allied Glass will discuss the many facets of recycled glass: from recyclability to the recycled glass content of new bottles, the impact of clear vs. coloured glass, and Allied Glass’ support for the “Close The Glass Loop” program.

Safety First – Distillery Safety
Distilling is a rewarding profession, but it doesn’t come without its risks; safety is essential for every distillery. Join our panel of experts as they discuss distillery safety, including some of the less obvious and often overlooked issues.

Supply Challenges And How To Overcome Them
Amongst the various challenges of the last two years are disruptions in the supply of various essentials for distillers: from bottles to closures, ingredients to packaging. Our panel will discuss some of these challenges and – more importantly – how they have adapted.

Time To Taste – How Spirits Change In The Glass
Join spirits experts Ian Wisniewski and David T Smith as they taste a single spirit over 45 mins to illustrate how it changes in the glass. This session has kindly been supported by Cotswolds Signature Single Malt Whisky. In Between sips, Ian and David will discuss the impact that oxygen and oxidisation has on spirits and how to structure your tasting notes or tastings to capture this.

Ultrasonic Spirits
Ultrasonic spirits make use of ultrasound frequencies for flavour extraction. Join distiller Ben Marston of Puddingstone Distillery to discuss the opportunities and challenges of using ultrasonic techniques to extract flavour from botanicals. From the cost of equipment to the sorts of results you can expect and the technique’s limitations, this is a great introduction to this new production technique.

Waste – Waste/Water
Typical distillation not only requires a lot of energy, but a lot of water, a significant volume of which is used for cooling and running the condenser before going down the drain. Increasingly, distillers are looking at “closed loop” water systems to help reduce their water usage. These might sound complicated and technical, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Avian Sandercock of Wrecking Coast Distillery in Cornwall will discuss his recent experience and discuss one or two options employed by other distillers.