It has been an incredibly busy few weeks behind the scenes here. Not least because members of the team are also spirits judges and it’s a busy time of year for that, but we’ve also been in the throws of filming all the pre-recorded talks and discussions for our live event on the 27th – 29th April, which is just next week!

With the event approaching as quickly as it is, keep an eye on our site and social for further updates. There is also a LinkedIn event you can join to keep up to date.

Ever the ones to squeeze in every bit we can, we’re filming our final discussion tomorrow, then editing so all our recorded content will be available for our ticket holders next week. We have got some amazing topics for you, including:

  • Creating RTDs
  • Hydrodistillation
  • Supply Chains And Overcoming Them
  • Recycled Glass And The Circular Economy
  • Hell Or High Water – A Come Back Story
  • B Corp Certification
  • English Whisky
  • Ultrasonic Spirits
  • Colouring Spirits – A Frank Discussion
  • Sustainability In Closures
  • Safety First! – Distillery Safety
  • Closed Loop Water
  • Time To Taste With Ian Wisniewski
  • Outlook 2022

We are still finalising the agenda for the three days, but that will be done and available soon. This year we’ve got no overlaps, so you don’t have to miss a thing.

How do our online conferences work?

  1. Your ticket get’s your access to all the pre-recorded videos, which are realised ahead of the live event.
  2. Simply log in and you can watch them at you leisure.
  3. During the live event, log in and you can watch out live Q&As as they happen and send in follow up questions.
  4. Watch, participate, share on social, get that conversation going!

It’s a brilliant opportunity to get further education in what’s happening in the distilling industry right now, be it technical process, trends, branding, tasting, everything. It also gives you a great opportunity to reach out to industry experts and ask the questions you need answered, be it because you’re setting up a distillery, growing your distillery, or you’re just interested. Everyone is welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket today!